Bonus day 9 – How to Attract Quality Subscribers

We’ve talked before about how the quality of the subscriber is more important than the quantity. Marketers have split tested this theory time and again in just about every niche and the results are generally the same. Fewer high quality subscribers will generate more revenue than a lot more mediocre subscribers.

So how do you attract quality subscribers?

By making the most of your website and delivering quality content. What visitors see on your website will give them a good indication of what they will see delivered through your mailing list. Look at your website. What kind of content are you offering them? Is it high quality? Do you promote quality products and services? If readers like what they see on your website, they are more likely to sign up for your mailing list.

Another way to attract quality subscribers it to put your opt-in box everywhere you can. Put it in the header or sidebar of your website so it shows on every page. Add it to your Facebook and other social media pages. Where relevant in your content, you can encourage readers to sign up for your list. Be sure to include a great headline and list the benefits they’ll receive if they subscribe. The more exposure your opt-in box has, the better your chances of attracting quality subscribers are.

Create an opt-in page to promote your newsletter subscription. The sole purpose of this page is to show readers the benefits of subscribing to your newsletter. It will tell them exactly what they will receive, how often they will hear from you and so forth. Do not include distracting sidebars or other navigation on this page. Keep them focused on subscribing and your opt-in rate should improve.

Pop-ups have been proven to be highly effective. Consider adding one to your website where it pops up either upon entry or exit that invites people to subscribe. Just be sure to give them a way to click away from or close the pop up if they are not interested.

These are just a few ways you can build your list. Remember that quality attracts quality so if you want quality subscribers you need to deliver quality content.


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