Bonus Day 8 – How to Get People to Subscribe

How do you get people to subscribe to your list? This is a question I see a lot and the answer is simple, you bribe them – ethically, of course.

An ethical bribe is simply giving something of value to your subscribers in return for their email address and the right to contact them in the future. These opt-in incentives can be anything from a short report to a full ecourse or anything in between.

As you create your list, consider your target market. What is it that they need? What can you offer them that will get them to hand over their email address? Knowing your target market will not only generate ideas for what you can give away but it will also help you decide which type of incentive they would respond to best. Your gift should be valuable to subscribers, yet not too costly for you to create or have created.

Here are some quick and easy ways you can create a valuable incentive gift for your subscribers without a lot of cost.

Repurpose some content. Do you have a teleseminar or webinar recording that can help your subscribers with their problem? Consider offering it as an incentive. Have it transcribed and create short study guide from the information. Turn a series of blog posts into a report or ebook. Convert your favorite article into a power point presentation or video.

Create time savers. Everyone wants more time in their day so create some quick reference sheets or forms to help them shave time off their work. Checklists, fill-in-the-blank forms and planning calendars are great opt-in incentives.

Write up a guide, report or ebook. If you are comfortable writing, you should be able to whip up a 5 -10 page report that answers the #1 most asked question from your target market, 10 tips for relieving back pain or step-by-step instructions for doing something. These quick-start guides are easy to write and highly popular as incentives. If you don’t have the time or energy to write your own, grab some quality PLR & add your own thoughts to it to make it unique.

Create a video or audio. If you have limited time to create a gift or if your target market responds well to audio or video, this form of incentive may be right for you. Talking into a microphone is quick, painless and stress free. Simply write out the points you want to cover and then record yourself talking about it.

Your opt-in incentive doesn’t have to be large, expensive or even new. It just has to be valuable in your subscriber’s eyes.


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