Bonus Day 6 – Make Your First Impression Count

If you worked in a brick and mortar business, chances are you would never go to a meeting, give a live presentation or try to sell a product without first considering how best to make a good first impression. Yet oftentimes business owners forget that first impressions are still important even if the information is being presented online. In fact, in many cases it is even more important than when presenting it offline.

If you make a bad first impression online, people will click away, never to return. Unless you’ve already obtained their email address, you have no way of making amends or convincing them to give you another try.

From the minute a person lands on your site, you are making an impression. Therefore it is important that your website and opt-in page is easy on the eyes and informative. Your opt-in page should clearly tell readers what benefits they will receive if they trust you with their email address. It should provide an easy way for them to submit their information to you.

Creating a good impression doesn’t stop with getting signups. It continues on through every email you send and how you interact with your subscribers. Here are some tips to ensure you continue to make a good impression beyond signup.

1. Keep your subject lines short and relevant to the content
2. Make it personal. Use your subscriber’s first name to make them feel special.
3. Ensure your emails are relevant to what your subscribers want and need.
4. Write your messages as if you were talking to a friend.
5. Stay focused on only one or two topics within a single email. Too many topics or choices with just confuse people.
6. Spellcheck your messages, check that all links and web pages are working properly before you send your message. If you are giving out a coupon, ensure that it is set up correctly and working.
7. Give subscribers an easy way to unsubscribe from your mailings.
8. Close your message with a warm signature by using something like “Best”, “Warmly”, or “Sincerely” along with your name.

A lot goes into creating and maintaining a good impression with your subscribers. Testing is a fundamental step to ensuring that your websites, opt-in forms and emails are functioning properly. If your existing list is experiencing a lot of unsubscribes shortly after signing up, try using a different subject line or rework your welcome message. Let that run for a while to see if it improves your stick rate. If not, tweak it some more to see if that helps.

Keep in mind that no matter how good of an impression you make, sometimes people still unsubscribe. It isn’t personal, maybe they have entirely too much email or their initial problem has been resolved. Perhaps life has gotten busy or they’ve come ill so they don’t check their email as often.

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