Bonus Day 5 – The Key to More Sales

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, chances are you don’t cater to just one type of customer even if you only sell one product or service. While you may have a target market, that market will be made up of several types of customers. For example, if you sell camping tents, you might cater to families who need large tents, hikers who need small, light-weight tents and people who need tents made for extreme cold weather.

These are all very different types of customers with different needs so a one-size-fits-all approach will not generate the same kinds of sales as it would if you segmented your lists and sent targeted emails addressing each person’s wants and needs.

So what is list segmentation and why is it important?

List segmentation simply means instead of having one huge mailing list comprised of everyone who camps, you have several smaller lists that made up of a specific group of campers. Each of these groups has their own set of problems that you are better able to provide solutions for when you have things narrowed down.

Segmenting your list will increase your sales exponentially because you are able to target your promotions and sales copy to appeal to a more narrow market. In additional, it will increase your reputation because you are sending your lists exactly what they want and nothing else. So they will know that every message they receive from you has something that will interest them. Furthermore, segmented lists experience fewer unsubscribes, improved deliverability and more click throughs on average. All of which result in an increase in revenue.

Segmenting your lists will take more time and effort since you have to craft individual messages to each specific audience; however, the return on investment (ROI) will be more than worth the effort.

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