Bonus day 4- Keep Subscribers Attention by Staying Relevant

Your mailing list is comprised of people who are interested in what you have to offer. They have already put their trust in you by giving you their email address. Now that you have their attention, it’s important that you keep it. You do this by staying relevant to your subscribers. So how do you do this? How do you keep their attention?

Educate your subscribers. Many of your subscribers probably signed up to receive a free report or product that you were giving away. They may not have fully read your opt-in information or be aware of what else you are going to give them. So in your first email you need to remind them of what exactly they can expect from you. If you promised weekly tips on a specific topic, deliver it. If you promised a promotion –free mailing list, then don’t promote to that list.

Encourage them to white list your address. Ask them to add your “From” email address to their address book or friends list so that they always receive your messages. Many people fail to check their spam folder and therefore assume if your message doesn’t arrive in their inbox that you didn’t send one out.

Be consistent. If you don’t send emails regularly, people will forget about you. Then when a message does come in, they’ll either delete it without reading or mark it as spam. By providing consistent emails on set days, your subscribers will get in the habit of watching for your messages and will be more apt to open them right away.

Personalize things. People want to feel important. By personalizing your messages, you make them feel special, like you are talking directly to them. It will help strengthen your relationship with your subscribers.

Don’t spam your list. The quickest way to get your email address blacklisted is to sending irrelevant information and promotions for products or services that you have no knowledge of. In the eyes of your readers, this is spam and they won’t tolerate it. Always make your information relevant and only promote products you would personally use yourself.

Following these five steps help you stay relevant to your subscribers and keep their attention.


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