Bonus Day 15 – How Do You Know What Subscribers Want

Besides coming right out and asking them, one of the easiest ways to know what your subscribers want is by tracking their clicks. By tracking each link within your email, you can quickly see which links are getting the most hits and in turn what interests your readers most.

Many email service providers have built-in link tracking capability so there’s little to no work on your part. You simply include the links within your email, set the service to track the links and viola, it’s done.

If you are not using a service that has link tracking, there are many ways you can track your links. The first and easiest is to create simple java script redirects on your domain.

Using any html editor, you simply create a new blank web page and name it whatever you like. For example, if your link pertains to Halloween treats, you might name it ‘spookytreats’.

Next you open this blank web page and insert the following html into the body of your html document. Be sure to copy and paste it into a text file first so you don’t get any extra coding from this email. Just copy and paste the code, not the divider dashes (—-).

<head><meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0;url=http://www.linktolinkto”>
Finally, change the “http” URL to be the actual link you want people to land on. For example:

Save your html page and upload it to your website. In your email, you would include the link to which when clicked will redirect to the longer version of the real page. You can then check your stats in cPanel or WHM to see how many hits the html link has received.

While the html page method is easy, it won’t give you a lot of stats to view. If you’re looking for more detailed stats on your click throughs, you may want to use a service like Google Analytics; it’s free but offers more in-depth stats.

While tracking links may seem like a lot of trouble, the knowledge you’ll gain from it is invaluable. By knowing exactly what your readers are interested in, you are able to provide them with more of what they want.


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