Bonus Day 13 – The Benefits of Using Autoresponders

In the business world, anything that can save you time, while still generating money is a keeper. Autoresponders can do just that.

While many people see autoresponders as an impersonal way to communicate with your prospects, that simply is not true. You can make an autoresponder as personal as you want to. In fact, I’ve seen some great autoresponder messages that looked so fresh and “real” that I had to take a second look to see that they were part of an autoresponder series.

With an autoresponder you can immediately follow up with your new prospect by sending them a link to download the free item you offered for signing up for your list. But that’s not all autoresponders are good for.

Autoresponders allow you to offer more targeted information to your list. They keep your subscribers focused on what you have to say even when you’re sick in bed or away on vacation.

You can literally teach hundreds or thousands of people how to do something simply by writing the instructions once and loading them into your autoresponder.

Autoresponders allow your subscribers to receive your information when it’s most convenient for them. Typically when someone signs up for a mailing list it’s during a time when they are normally online. So at whatever time they sign up for your list, all future automated emails will be sent to them around the same time.

Autoresponders allow you to drip feed information to your readers on a set schedule. This means not only the information content but also your promotions. If you plan well, you could have a year’s worth of content scheduled so you rarely have to touch that list.

You can include social media icons in your messages that encourage readers to connect with you elsewhere, spreading your reach.

These are just a few of the many benefits to using autoresponders in business marketing.


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