Bonus day 12 – Free Offers Are Welcome

It’s a fact; people love freebies. Many people could even be considered professional freebie seekers. They will go so far as to sign up for something just because it is free, even though they know they will never use it. That’s hardcore.

Now granted, you don’t want to attract those hardcore freebie seekers unless your list happens to be specifically geared for them. However, there’s nothing wrong with offering highly relevant free information to help build your mailing list.

Free items allow readers to try your product or service before they buy. Just like when you are shopping in a grocery store and they offer free samples of new product on sale. You get to taste test the product before you spend your hard earned money. If you’re selling a 16 week coaching course, consider creating a video that gives your readers an inside peek at the product. Or better yet, give them a sample from lesson 1 of the course. People are more likely to buy if they can get a sample first.

Offering free items is a great way to create buzz. News travels fast on any given day but with a price tag of free, it will travel even faster. Readers are great about forwarding emails that contain a free offer. They post about it on their social networking sites, their own websites and even sites that are made specifically for searching out and displaying free offers. Create a free item to create buzz about an upcoming product launch, a class you are offering or a course you’ve just put together.

Freebies are a great way to test out an idea before you spend the time and money creating a full product. Simply create and give away the item and watch how well it does. If it generates a lot of excitement and buzz, you have a green light to move forward with the full product. If it doesn’t, you haven’t wasted a lot of time on a dud idea.

Remember no matter it is that you’re giving away, it needs to be relevant to those on the receiving end and it also needs to have a purpose that benefits you.

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