Bonus Day 11- Don’t Forget to Say Thanks

One simple way to generate more sales is to take advantage of your thank you page. As prospects sign up for your mailing list, they will be directed to a thank you page. While most email service providers have a generic page that you can use, why waste this valuable opportunity to go the extra mile for your readers.

Thank you pages are prime real estate for adding upsells, making suggestions for related products and for offering helpful information that will secure up the relationship with your new subscriber. They are also great for helping build a positive first impression.

If you add an offer, be it free or paid, and tell your prospect to click, more often than not, they will do just that. Give them more than one choice and they’re likely to do nothing, but give them just one choice and chances are they’ll do it.

So instead of just saying “Thank you, download your product here”, give your prospects something else to do. Make them a limited-time offer. Recommend a related product whether it is yours or an affiliate product you like. No matter what, always give them a call to action.

While we’re talking about saying thank you, don’t forget to send the thank you emails. Send a thank you email to prospects immediate upon sign up. This way if your subscriber clicks away from your thank you page, they still have the opportunity to redeem your offer and download their opt-in gift.

In addition to the automated thank you email received upon signup, consider sending an occasional heartfelt thank you email to your subscribers for being loyal to your business. You can include a special offer, freebie or other treat just for them being loyal subscribers. Emails that say thanks typically generate more click throughs and sales than straight informational messages. So don’t forget to use this to your advantage while also rewarding your loyal followers.

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