Bonus Day 10 – Double Your Opt-In Rate with This One Strategy

One of the fastest ways to build and grow a targeted list of subscribers is to create a short ecourse with a compelling promise. eCourses are typically inexpensive to create as they are simply a series of emails that teach people about a specific topic. They might teach subscribers a new skill or walk them through information that they really want to know.

eCourses provide focused information so they are great for developing segmented lists – people who are looking for something specific. They give you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge on a given topic. They are great for generating high click through rates and sales because the products and services you promote to your subscribers are a perfect fit for them.

Here are a few tips to help you create an ecourse that is highly sought after.

1. Always deliver quality information. Don’t skimp on this. Quality content will keep your readers begging for more.
2. Deliver on your promise. Even though your ecourse is free, subscribers want to know that they will get valuable information in exchange for their email address. So don’t promise the moon if you can only deliver a moon pie.
3. Don’t reinvent the wheel. There is no reason to start from scratch if you already have great information that can be repurposed. If you don’t have anything good, hire a ghostwriter or purchase quality PLR and then rework it to meet your needs.
4. Build anticipation. The great thing about eCourses is that one email builds upon the previous message. So not only are you teaching readers one step at a time, but you can easily end each lesson with a short note about what is coming up next.
5. Give them a reason to save your messages. Instead of giving subscribers a PDF of your recommended resources, list a few resources in each of your emails so readers keep referring back to your emails. The more times they see your name and website, the more opportunities you have to make a sale.
6. Don’t give away the whole pie. Use your ecourse to give readers a healthy slice of pie, but not the whole thing. If your goal is to sell related products, you only want to give them enough information to build to whet their appetite, and then you can sell the pie at a premium price.
7. Continue to follow up with your prospects even after the ecourse is finished. Use your follow up messages to give your readers more information and offer highly-relevant products.

With a high quality, niche ecourse you can easily double or triple your opt-in subscribers in very little time.


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