15 Day email challenge Day 9 – Using Email to Grow Your Social Reach

Your email list can work double-duty by helping you expand your reach through social media. Since those already on your list like what you have to offer, it’s an easy step to get them to join you on social media sites as well. Here are a few simple ways to get your mailing list subscribers to connect with you through social media.

The easiest and yet most often overlooked way of getting more people to connect with you on social media sites is to simply ask them to do it. Whether you write a solo email asking or just put a short P.S. at the end of your message if you ask people to join you – and you give them the link to do so, they will.

Another way to expand your reach is to create a special offer, a bonus or a coupon for your Facebook page. Subscribers who click the ‘like’ link on your page will receive a bonus, a coupon or other special offer. For example, you might offer then a 25% discount on their next order. You could give them a 2-for-1 package or a free consultation. Promote your offer through your emails for a set length of time. This same method can be done with Twitter and any other social media site as well.

Add your social media icons. If you use html email, you can easily add your social media icons to your messages. If you’re looking to build your social proof, you can even place a code in your emails that will display your follower count.

Follow your subscribers and they will follow you back. If you allow it, Twitter will scan your email address book for people who have a Twitter account with the same address. If you start ‘following’ your subscribers, chances are, they’ll follow you back. Again, this holds true with many social media sites.

Hold a contest strictly through social media sites. Facebook, Twitter and many other social media sites are perfect for holding contests because the information is so easily shared. Promote the contest to your email subscribers and ask them to share it with their friends.

There are many ways you can build your social media reach using email and these are just a few. If you’ve been keeping your email list separate from your social media, maybe it’s time to combine the two for greater results.

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