15 Day Email Challenge day 7 – 10 More Ways to Generate Topic Ideas

I couldn’t leave you hanging with just five ways to generate topic ideas when there are so many more ways you can do it. So I thought I’d give you ten more to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Answer reader questions. Ask your readers to submit questions. If your list is small, visit topic-related forums to see what people are asking..

2. If you get feedback from customers, turn their questions and comments into topics. Taking a proactive approach to addressing issues or concerns not only gives you topic ideas but it builds trust with your readers.

3. Talk about topic-related new stories. Check news.google.com, news.yahoo.com, happynews.com and other places for stories you can use to share your point of view.

4. Browse other information websites for topic ideas. You can search some of your target market favorites or you might search the categories at larger multiple-topic sites like About.com and EzineArticles.com

5. If you read an article that you have a strong opinion on, write about it. While you can certainly leave a comment on the original post, you can also share your opinion with your readers.

6. Write Top 10 lists. “10 Secrets to _______,” “10 Strategies for ____”.

7. Read magazines as you wait at the doctor and dentist offices, beauty salon and such.

8. If you market within your community, watch your local newspapers, editorial s and ads to find topics of interest.

9. If your topics are related to home and family, look back at photo albums, recall family stories that have been handed down for generations. Think about things that happened in your life as a child, teen and young adult. Consider struggles you went through early on during your marriage, when the kids were babies and when you purchased your first car or home.

10. Check the competition. See what competitors are talking about and then see how you can offer better or more up-to-date advice.

Having constant flow of new ideas may seem daunting but if you train yourself to look for ideas in your everyday dealings, you’ll never run out of fresh ideas to write about.

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