15 Day Email Challenge Day 4- 3 Tips to Better Performance

Whether you’re sending out your weekly newsletter or setting up an autoresponder series, there are several things you can do to increase the performance of your message.

1) Keep it Simple: Make each message focused and informative. Try to keep it to one topic even if you have several things to say. Keep it simple and to the point. That doesn’t mean it has to be super short, but it only needs to be as long as necessary to convey the information.

2) Personalize It: In order to connect with your readers you have to make it personal.

How many times have you received an email that starts with either no salutation at all or something generic like “Dear Friend”? When I receive these, I always think to myself, if they don’t even know my name, why should I stay on their list or buy from them. You wouldn’t greet your best friend by saying “Hi Friend” and you shouldn’t greet your subscribers that way either.

It only takes a minute to collect a subscriber’s name along with their email address and most email services today allow you to personalize your messages. They will have a code you can add to your message that will automatically add the recipient’s name when the message is sent. Your salutation can be a simple “Hi Karen” or even something like “Great news, Margaret” or “Happy Friday, Leroy” as long as it’s personal.

3) Make it Beneficial: Before you send any email, and preferably when you are writing it, always ask yourself “What’s in it for them?” What benefit am I providing to my readers? If you cannot answer that question, then your readers won’t see the benefit either. Do not send messages that have no value. Instead, rewrite the message so it is clear what the benefit is.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to ensure you are getting the most return on your invested time and effort. These three simple steps will help you increase the performance of your email.

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