15 Day email challenge Day 15 – Why Email and Social Media Work Well Together

If you’re trying to build your credibility while also improving sales, there’s no better way than to integrate your email marketing with social media. The reason these two methods work so well together is because not everyone uses the internet in the same way.

Some viewers, especially younger folks, prefer to connect via social networks. They may spend hours on Facebook or Twitter but rarely check their email. Seeing your updates on social sites or through news feeds is right up their alley. Other viewers such as busy business owners and older adults may not have time or the inclination to visit social sites and therefore would prefer email. By integrating the two mediums you will be able to reach more of your audience.

Showing up in multiple places can also strengthen your brand equity and your presence in your audience’s eyes. It also allows you to reach them in more than one place without them feeling like you’re spamming them.

Combining social media and email marketing also allows you to build momentum quickly. This is particularly good for product launches and one-time events. The more times a person views your information, the better chance you have of them buying. Furthermore, the social proof from other people participating on Twitter and Facebook compounds the momentum you create. It’s a much more powerful way to launch an event than just using one medium.

As we’ve mentioned before, your email list can be used to boost your social media audience. Likewise, your social media audience can be used to boost your email list.

Using email marketing and social media together is a win-win marketing strategy. Readers can see you and converse with you in the way that best meets their needs.


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