15 Day email challenge Day 14 – 5 Ways to Improve Email Deliverability

Among the biggest concerns for email marketers are email bounces, spam filters and blacklists – all of which affect email deliverability. Some estimate suggest as much as 50% of all email sent never reaches the recipient’s inbox.

It doesn’t how great your email content is, if the end user doesn’t see it, your efforts are wasted. Not only is it costing you potential income, but it is wasting your subscriber’s time by signing up in the first place.

So how can you improve your email deliverability rates?

Become a trusted sender

Encourage your subscribers to add your “From” email address to their address book or approved sender list, sometimes called a “white list”. As a trusted sender, your messages will be delivered to their mailbox regardless of what the spam filters think.

Use a reputable email service provider

Web-based email services such as aweber, infusionsoft and constant contact have a good reputation. Some may even provide you with a unique IP address to use. These services have professional relationships with spam rating company and ISPs so that they can ensure your emails get through. Many also provide features that allow you to see firsthand how your messages are being rated.

Use an exclusive IP address

If you’re hosting your own mail server, be sure to have your own IP address. Again, it’s all about building a good relationship with the ISPs. You don’t have time to pay for the mistakes of other people who used the same IP address as you.

Remove bounces

Continually sending to non-existing addresses will quickly get you listed as a spammer. To avoid this, regularly delete bounced addresses from your list.

Check your language

Certain words, formatting and phrases tend to trigger spam filters quicker than others. Avoid using words such as “free”, “guarantee” and “credit card” in your email. Don’t use all capital letters; avoid red text, excessive punctuation and symbols such as multiple exclamation points and dollar signs.

The same holds true for subject lines. Misleading or gimmicky subject lines with or without excessive punctuation or symbols will automatically trigger filters. Instead, be sure your subject likes relate to the content within the email.

Following these tips will help ensure your emails are delivered on time, every time.

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