15 Day email challenge Day 13 – How to Maximize Your Call to Action

The call to action is where everything in your email marketing comes together. It’s where the culmination of all your work – from your marketing strategy to your subject line to your message itself – results in a click or a purchase. Having strong calls to action can make all the difference in the world.

So how do you maximize your call to action?

Make it stand out. Your call to action should garner more attention than anything else on your email. If you’re writing a text email, use arrows >>> to showcase your call to action. If you’re using HTML emails, use buttons to get people to click.

Give readers a reason to click. If you are holding a webinar with limited space, you want to do more than just give them a link that says “click to buy”. “Click here to buy” gives them no real reason to follow your instruction. By saying “only 25 spots available. click here to reserve your seat”, now you’ve given them a reason to click. If they don’t do it right now, they may not get a seat.

Be precise and assertive when you tell people what to do. You’d be surprised just how many more clicks you can get if you simply give clear instruction; “Join our newsletter here”, “Click to watch this video”, “Reserve your spot by clicking here.”

Split testing your calls to action is easy and it can have a huge impact on your email marketing campaigns. Do you know whether your audience responds better to buttons or links? Does red text get better results than blue? These are just two of many things that split testing can tell you.

Just by changing one or two things with your call to action can make a drastic difference. Take some time and test a few different ways to see which your audience responds to best.


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