15 Day email challenge Day 12 – Seven Rules to Follow When Marketing By Email

Email marketing has been around for years and thus is a well-explored topic. Just about every approach has been tried and tested and every mistake documented. With this in mind, here are seven rules to follow when marketing via email.

#1 – Never purchase a mailing list. These lists are typically sold many times over and have low open rates with high complaint rates. In fact, many of the addresses on the list may have been harvested illegally to begin with.

#2 – If you choose to ignore #1, do not mix your clean opt-in list with a purchased list. The purchased list could cause deliverability issues with your opt-in list thus ruining your entire subscriber list.

#3 – If your email service provider allows it, run a split test to see whether you get a better response from plain text emails or html emails. If you find that html emails are converting better, then run another spit test to see if long or short emails covert better. You can split test many other things as well such as headlines, subject lines, etc. You’ll never know what works best unless you test it.

#4 – Feed them quality information. Besides generating income, your email marketing goals should include establishing credibility and building a relationship with your readers. Never skimp on giving your readers plenty of high-quality content to feed their needs.

#5 – Balance information with promotions. A good rule of thumb is 80-90% of all emails you send should be good quality information and only 10-20% promotions. Focus on delivering value and building trust rather than just selling.

#6 – Write several subject lines for each email. Then choose the best one. The subject line determines whether or not your email is opened so spend some time and get this right before sending your message.

#7 – Mix up your emails. To keep people from getting bored with your emails, be sure to mix things up a bit. While you always want to stay on topic, sending a variety of emails will keep your readers on their toes. For example, you might typically spend out tips to your list. Occasionally, toss in an email answering a reader question or comment on a story you read. Interview a successful customer and share that with your readers so they stay tuned in to what you say.

By following these seven rules, you are well on your way to creating a happy, healthy email list.


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