15 Day Email Challenge Day 10 – Using Social Media to Increase Email Subscribers

Social media is a powerful way to drive ready-to-subscribe traffic to your website. By combining your social media and email marketing efforts, you can create a highly effective marketing strategy for your business. Let’s look at a few ways you can increase your email subscribers using social media.

Add your opt-in box to your Facebook page. Most email service providers these days can generate a code for you to add to your Facebook page that will create a custom opt-in form. Once you create your mailing list, just look for the option for this where you generate your forms. As Facebook followers that interact with you will now have a quick way to subscribe to your list without having to click away.

Encourage sign-ups through Tweets and updates. While the bulk of what you tweet about or talk about on Facebook should be informational, there’s nothing wrong with occasionally asking your followers to sign up for your list. Just be sure you give your followers a reason to sign up such as to receive a free gift, coupon or short report.

If you have a big announcement or a special deal coming out later in the week, tweet about it. Post an update to Facebook or other social site. Encourage followers to sign up for your mailing list to get ‘dibs’ on the special offer or to be the first to receive whatever it is.

Use social media to survey your followers. Find out what they want then give it to them – through email. Create the survey and then talk about it as you use the results to revamp your teachings to meet their needs. Keeping them informed will encourage them to sign up for your list to get more of what you offer.

Ask on social media sites what your followers’ most pressing question is. Tell them you will be answering their questions in an upcoming email series & encourage them to sign up.

There are countless ways you can use social media to build your mailing list subscribers and these are just a few. It doesn’t take much to keep your readers active, interested and happy.

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