15 day challenge Day 3 – Increase Action with Urgent Offers

Successful email marketing means getting subscribers to open your messages read your messages and then act on them. Miss any one of those steps and you’ve lost the sale.

As a business owner, your goal is to get your subscribers excited enough open their wallet and buy. You do this by creating urgency. You want them to believe that not only do they want to act but they want to do it right now before it’s too late.

So how do you create urgency?

Limited offers are the most effective way to create urgency. Here are a few types of limited offers that work well with most businesses.

Limited Quantity: Limit the amount of product you sell and let your subscribers know that once it’s sold out, it will never be available again.

No matter what you sell, you can limit how many copies of each product is available. For example, you might offer an ecourse to only the first 200 buyers, 500 copies of a new video or even 20 spots for your next coaching class.

Limited Time: This is probably the most popular limited offer. With this type of offer your subscribers only have a short amount of time in which to take advantage of your special offer. Your offer might be for a discounted price to the first 20 buyers, a special package sold only for a few hours or a few days. Whatever your special offer is, it is for a limited time and needs to be explained out clearly so your subscribers feel the need to jump up, open their wallets and buy right now.

Bonus Offers: Traditionally combined with a limited time offer, bonus offers can be great motivators. Some bonus items might include; a free 30-minute coaching call, a two-for-one package special, bonuses only available to those who sign up during – or within an hour – of a teleseminar you are holding, etc. Whatever bonus you offer, keep in mind that it needs to be highly appealing in order for it to work.

The most important part of limited offers is to follow through with what you say. It’s inevitable; someone will miss your offer and will email you asking for ‘one more chance’ or ‘just one more copy’. To make urgent offers effective, you have to hold your ground and say no. Once subscribers realize that you are serious, your urgent offers will convert like crazy.

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